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In order to be fair to you - the customer - the scan that you see is the certificate that you will get. Although I have more than one on some of the certificates I will just put up a new picture for the next one. That way you won't have to worry about any tears, imperfections, and so forth that may be on a certificate that you haven't seen.

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Click on the name to see the picture! If the scan looks like some of the certificate has been cut off it is probably because it was too large for the scanner. Any tears, imperfections, etc. should be mentioned in the description. If you want a bigger / better scan send me an e-mail and I will send one to you!

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Cancellation holes show as black in many of the scans due

to the backing used in scanning in order to get a better image.

IC = Issued, Cancelled        IU = Issued, Uncancelled

10 Percent discount on orders of $200.00 or more

Catalog # Item Price
Prices do not include shipping and handling.

Unless noted in the description all stocks / bonds have regular margins and no obvious tears or splits.
North Lebanon Rail Road Company   Issued $1,000.00 Loan Bond at seven percent dated 22 March 1854. Has a vignette of a steaming train. Right edge uneven and some staining. 55.00
Lehigh Valley Railway Company  Issued $1,000.00 First Mortgage Bond at four 1/2 percent dated 23 June 1890. Has a vignette of a woman at the top and a mill with a train near it at the bottom. This is bond number 4815 and has eight coupons still attached. There are also two Extension Agreements attached - one dated 1940 and one dated 1949. (The bond is stamped three times regarding the extensions but they do not affect the vignettes.)   IC 40.00
Cleveland Short Line Railway Company  Issued $1,000.00 Fifty Year First Mortgage Gold Bond at four 1/2 percent dated 1 April 1911. Has a vignette of a train steaming by. There are three revenue stamps pasted on the front but they do not affect the vignette.  IC 20.00
Illinois Central Railroad Company   Issued $500.00 Construction Bond at six percent dated 16 August 1852 Printed on blue paper with no vignette. This bond measures approximately 17" by 13" (which includes nine coupons still attached) and is bond number 1229.  IC 85.00
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company   Issued $1,000.00 Extended Debt Certificate of 1853 at four percent dated 4 December 1899. Has a vignette of a state seal flanked by two allegorical figures. This is bond number 386. (Full top and bottom margins not shown in scan due to size.)  IC 25.00
Lehigh and Lake Erie Railroad Company  Issued $1,000 First Mortgage Gold Bond at four 1/2 percent dated 1 March 1907. Has a vignette of a train steaming through an area where some men are laying track. Has an Extension Agreement dated 1 August 1949 and 30 coupons attached.   IC 30.00
Oregon and Transcontinental Company  Certificate for one share at $100.00 each issued on 14 April 1888 with a vignette of Indians on a hill watching a train going by. Has the transfer pasted to the left side. 45.00
Michigan Central Railroad Company  Issued $1000.00 Bond at eight percent dated 1 September 1854. Has a small vignette of a train steaming by and there are twenty four coupons still attached. Fold split in top left border.  IC 45.00
Indiana, Illinois and Iowa Railroad Company  Issued $1,000.00 First Mortgage Gold Bond at four percent dated 1 July 1900. Has a large vignette of a train steaming in a railyard. This is bond number 288. There is a five dollar revenue stamp at the bottom right.  IC (More than one available) 50.00
Naugatuck Railroad Company   Issued $5,000.00 First Mortgage Fifty Year Registered Gold Bond at four percent dated 23 December 1920. Has a vignette of a steaming train standing at a station. This is bond number 644.   IC 45.00




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