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In order to be fair to you - the customer - the scan that you see is the certificate that you will get. Although I have more than one on some of the certificates I will just put up a new picture for the next one. That way you won't have to worry about any tears, imperfections, and so forth that may be on a certificate that you haven't seen.

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Click on the name to see the picture! If the scan looks like some of the certificate has been cut off it is probably because it was too large for the scanner. Any tears, imperfections, etc. should be mentioned in the description. If you want a bigger / better scan send me an e-mail and I will send one to you!

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Cancellation holes show as black in many of the scans due

to the backing used in scanning in order to get a better image.

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Catalog # Item Price
Prices do not include shipping and handling.

Unless noted in the description all stocks / bonds have regular margins and no obvious tears or splits.
Lincoln Motor Company Temporary certificate for Class A shares issued on 15 December 1920 with no vignette. Certificate for 100 common shares, green on white paper with green underprint. Signed by Wilfred C. Leland as vice president and William T. Nash as secretary. (In the 1920's the Lelands, while working for General Motors, allegedly disagreed with William C. Durant's reluctance to convert the Cadillac plant to World War I aircraft engine production. The Lelands walked out and, with the help of a government contract to build aircraft engines and a $10,000,000 advance, they organized Lincoln Motors. Unfortunately the war ended prematurely, leaving the company with 6,000 employees and a mountain of debt, so they decided to build a car to compete with Cadillac. The new Lincoln was well-engineered but lacked the styling and refinement of the Cadillac and production was delayed. In the end, after four months in the new company, they were forced to sell out to Henry Ford.) (Because of its size full borders and margins are not shown.) (More than one available) 55.00
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Rail Road Company  Issued $5,000.00 Mortgage Bond at six percent dated 16 July 1901. Has a vignette of a train on the left, a wharf scene on the right and a man in the center. A portion of the transfer is pasted to the left side. This is bond number 4443.  IC 25.00
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Company   Issued $1,000.00 Gold Bond at three and 1/2 percent dated 18 January 1956. Has a vignette of a man at the top and a steaming train at a very busy depot at the bottom. (Full top and bottom margins not shown in scan due to size.)  IC 20.00
Crown Coal & Tow Company  Scarce unissued certificate for shares at $100.00 each dated 189X with no vignette. Blue on white paper with the transfer folded over on the left side. Only 2000 shares were authorized for this company. 10.00
Fitchberg & Worcester Rail Road Company  Issued $100.00 Bond at seven percent dated 1 June 1869. Has a vignette of a steaming train at a very busy depot. There is a revenue stamp pasted at the lower left. This is bond number 295.IC 65.00
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company Issued on 19 March 1891 for 100 shares with a vignette of a steaming train at the station with a man carrying freight. Brown on white paper. These certificates are signed by the president of the railroad, not the cashier like most of them are. (More than one available) 25.00
Old Colony & Newport Railway Company  Unissued $1,000.00 Bond at six percent dated
1 September 1866 with a vignette of a state seal. Black on white paper with thirty coupons still attached. Bond was due September 1, 1881.  UU
Lincoln National Bank of Bath  Certificate for 28 shares at $100.00 each issued on 12 July 1865 with a vignette of a building (Maybe the bank). Black on white paper. This is certificate number 146. 55.00
Old Colony Rail Road Company   Issued $1,000.00 Bond at six percent dated 1 June 1875. Has a vignette of a steaming train at a very busy wharf. Signed by Onslow Stearns twice - once as president and once as a member of the Finance Committee. This is bond numberr 93.  IC 25.00
Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad Company  Unissued $1,000.00 Consolidated Mortgage Gold Bond at five percent dated 1 May 1902. Has two vignettes on the front: Indians on a hill overlooking a train near a river at the top and an Indian in a war bonnet at the bottom. Also each coupon has a vignette of a woman. There are ninety nine coupons still attached. In Mint condition. UU (More than one available) 55.00




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